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Anns Ind Flavours

Anns Ind Flavours is a new venture of Anns Group, setup to manufacture spices, spice blends and breakfast cereals.
The manufacturing facility is a state of the art one in terms of insfrastructure as well as machinery and is certified for ISO 22000:2005. Covering an area of 50000 sqft the facility is located in a small town 'Pala' in Kerala.

'Anns' brand synonymous for quality bakery products was established in 1984 in Pala, Kerala. Anns set the standard for bakery products in Kerala right from its inception to date. The core value of the brand 'big on quality; big on taste', has endeared to its customers both inside and outside the country. Anns philosophy of quality ensured her success and has outlets spread across cities and towns in Kerala.

Anns now brings the same philosophy, the core value of the brand to its new venture; 'Anns Ind Flavours'.

Mrs. Annamma Kottukapally

Coming from a well known affluent plantation family of Kerala, with her father in law a Member of Parliament and her husband Chairman of the Pala municipality for 16 years, Annamma Joseph could have beena lady of leisure if she wanted to, cooking for her husband and 3 children, baking cakes for their birthdays, making goodies for them, keeping a beautiful home. She continued doing all this, but she was restless for something more that she knew she was destined to achieve.

And she did do something about it - she started Anns House of Sweets, which by now has become synonymous with tasty and flavoursome cakes, cookies, halwas . She added on newer and newer products, some of which had never been sold in bakeries in Kerala before - always with the housewives of Kerala in mind - those who had no time or space to make some of these mouthwatering goodies . Her name and fame spread not only within Kerala, but also all over India and even reached households across the oceans. Many a city and town in Kerala boasts of her retail outlets.

But she was still restless, knowing there was alot more to achieve. She and her husband, and later her sons travelled the world extensively, absorbing and learning every step of the way. Never was an opportunity to learn, wasted.
And thus she decided to start Anns Ind Flavours, with its super speciality facility to manufacture spices, spice blends and breakfast cereals. This ultra modern facilty has a per shift capacity to produce 15000kg of spices , 7000kg of spice blends and 8000kg of cereals.
A stickler for perfection, Annamma supervises production every single step of the way, from procurement of raw material, sometimes from remote parts of India , to measuring out ingredients , and ensuring they are blended in their correct proportions.

?No wonder then that her facility easily obtained ISO 22000 : 2005 certification.

Articles in national magazines, papers and editorials is again testament to the success and fame of Ann and Anns.